Criminal Law

It is a body of laws that determine the offense and penalties, which may affecte both legal and natural entities.

Because it is a State authority prosecuting through its investigative body and an end to resolve problems between individuals who have committed an offense under Panamanian law as a crime; we offer them our consulting services and legal representation since the beginning of the investigation until the completion of criminal proceedings.

Criminal investigations are considered the backbone of modern process, because at the moment the possible commission of a crime is known, the investigations are initiated to determine who the perpetrators and the unlawful act are.

Within this range of criminal investigation converge various disciplines, namely: forensic doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers, anthropologists, forensic specialists, experts in finger prints, fiber and hair specialists in DNA experts sketch , forensic serology, technical graph, an expert in crime scene analysis and criminal profiling, planimetric, photographers, etc .; professionals that support the researcher to solve criminal cases.

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