Commercial Law

This body of law, which in turn is part of private law, focuses on regularly by implementing standards of legal order, the exercise of commercial activities that occur between individuals, whether or not they intervene with traders.

In essence, the history of commercial law appears properly with the man himself, because since ancient times and living in society, man feels the need to improve their living conditions through the acquisition of housing, food and clothing. It is at that point where man begins to specialize in an activity and initiates the exchange of their products produced by others, through the barter system, thus satisfying some of their needs.

When the man's needs began growing, the different forms of marketing goods and the instruments for the exchange began refining, which forced the creation of special rules that regulate commercial activity, although these were not exactly pure commercial character.

It was then up to the nineteenth century when the trade law was codified in Europe, through the so-called Commercial Code Napoleon and turn all the conquered countries spread.

In our country, the commercial activity is governed by the Code of Commercial Colombia, which in turn was inspired by the Italian Code of 1882, French and Spanish, 1885. The Code of Panamanian trade is divided into three books: Book One that comes to commercial transactions in general; Book Two is the maritime trade and the Third Book is the subject of bankruptcy.

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