Administrative Law

Administrative law is the branch of law that regulates the organization, functioning and powers of government; relationship between the administration and individuals through a set of legal rules and doctrinal principles of public law.

This body of law arises from the aftermath of the French Revolution in the nineteenth century. Its consolidation led the struggle to control the power exercised by the monarch and were gradually stripping their absolute power, then emerging as a result, the division of powers, rule of law and the guarantor of the rights of the citizens.

Administrative law is applied in all activities that are related to public administration. In our country, until a few years ago, the implemented rules on Dispute jurisdiction without depth regulated resources in the administrative, thus leaving a legal vacuum.

It is not until the creation of the Law No. 38 of July 31, 2000, whereby the organic statute of the Office of Administration approves and regulates general administrative procedure, then becoming the first Administrative Procedure Act in Panama.

This Act regulates direct and supplemental application, the right of petition and consultation, revocation and invalidity of administrative acts, notifications and citations, proper management of records, incidents and evidence in the administrative process.

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